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September 9, 2006
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Use left and right arrow keys on this guy.
Yeah, I'm still trying to figure what Flash can do, sorry that it's not much but I'm making personal breakthroughs.
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SockieLuff Feb 24, 2010
Just wanted to inform you about the small, black dot that flashes above the end of the snake when you move him.
Maybe fix that? It's very small and apparently no one else has noticed it.
He's super cute. That little flicking tounge just makes my heart melt.
LOL. You know, I didn't notice that till you pointed it out.

I made this thing a couple years ago, so I probably can't change it now (I don't even have flash anymore.) but if I ever remake it or try to do something like this again I can look out for that. XD
SockieLuff Feb 24, 2010
'Kay! Just wanted you to know.. And stuff.
Because, if you ever do go back to flash, you can make sure and keep an eye out for tiny... flashing dots.

My advice is a little redundant, isn't it?
I always end up commenting on old works, and everyone says something along the lines of "My style has changed since then, but thanks anyway!"
I guess that's just the way it goes. :shrug:
Oh well!
I have fun with the snake away. :dummy:
No problem. Actually I've been kind of... listless about how hard it is to get honest useful critsism on this site(especilly since they made the critiques thing "sub-only"), so something like this is always a breath of fresh air.

Besides, sometimes in order to improve, you need to have the mistakes of your past pointed out. Most of the times I look at my old stuff and get a sort of "could have been better- but HOW?" thing. It's always useful to have someone on the outside looking in.
SockieLuff Feb 25, 2010
Well, I always try and give my best advice out to everyone, or just comment about how well done it is.
Like, with those graphite drawings of nude models, you never see a comment about how well they shaped everything, or if the details are right. It's always something like 'Nice boobs' or 'Nipples ahoy!', and never, 'You did this very well, but you could use some work in this area. Try and work on that, but keep up the good work.'
That's what I try and accomplish when I feel that a work needs a little advice or a tiny push in the right direction. Like, there's one painting of a saltine cracker that a lady made, and every comment was 'Haha, it's a cracker! How funny!' and I took the time to tell her that she was spot on with every little detail, from the different shades of toasted cracker, to the tiny little bits of salt that she carefully painted on.
She said that my comment about how she did so well with something so seemingly simple, yet made it so intricate and detailed, was a great thing, even though it was a very old painting.
I always try and encourage people to continue with what they love instead of just giving up or becoming discouraged. I still have to the hope that someone will someday see one of my drawings in the most popular artworks on dA, and leave a comment about how nice it looks. I refuse to let a lack of comments, or my procrastination, keep me from drawing.
Blah. I've typed quite a bit down from a simple little comment. Guess I better stop making you read my boring crap. ^^;
Not at all. To tell you the truth, I'm glad to have met someone like you on a site like this. XD
SockieLuff Feb 26, 2010
It's always good to meet new people, and it's always nice to get a little encouragement and guidance. :hug:
clkthespaz May 31, 2009  Hobbyist Artist
AWWWWWWWWW hes such a cwutie
Lol. Most snakes are cuties, IMO. Particularly the lazier and more curious ones.
toonbat Dec 2, 2006  Professional Traditional Artist
Wonderful stuff! I'm dying to see it do more, though. Such a cute critter, and I get such a kick out of its tongue-flicking!

Annoying fact of the day: Snakes can't bliiiiiiiiink! ;P

Love the blinking too, admittedly. :D
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